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Welcome to the PC TimeWatch 1.12 help system!


This is the place where you'll find all necessary information to run PC TimeWatch and to take advantage of its features.


This program is mainly aimed at parents wanting to control the time spent by their children on their computer. It allows you to specify how much time a Windows session may be running for a given period of time (a period being a day or a week). It also allows you to define time allowances for specific programs (including Internet Explorer or any other Web browser) as well as time slots outside of which the restricted program, including Windows, may not be executed. Access to the Internet can also be restricted the same way as programs are restricted.


PC TimeWatch is based on the Windows security features so that it is harder to bypass the scheduling rules set by the PC TimeWatch manager (you) in Windows XP, Vista and 7 environment.


PC TimeWatch is not a spying program reporting a user's activity. Beside monitoring the time spent under Windows or running a particular program, it doesn't record anything. It just looks at what program the user is running, when and for how long. It doesn't report the user's attempts to run Windows or a program when not authorized.


PC TimeWatch is easy to use. Once installed, just run the PC TimeWatch Management Utility to setup scheduling rules for each user, then you close PC TimeWatch and you forget about it.


Renaming or moving a program doesn't prevent PC TimeWatch from monitoring that program unless a new version of the executable is installed. If this happens, remove the corresponding program entry and re-create it. Installing the same version of a program, even in a different folder, doesn't bypass PC TimeWatch's control.


PC TimeWatch doesn't affect system performance or disturb running applications.


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