Time slots menu

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Add slot add

This will open the Add time slot dialog. See Configuring restricted programs for additional details.


Edit edit

This command opens the Add time slot dialog in edit mode. This allows you to change the settings of the currently selected slot.


Repeat until end of week addsome

This command duplicates the selected slot until the end of the week.


Repeat all week addmany

This command duplicates the selected slot for all days of the week.


Remove slot deleteslot

This command deletes the currently selected slot. A slot is selected by clicking on it. You can select multiple slots by holding the Ctrl key depressed while you are clicking on them.


Clear all slots allremov

This command clear all time slots for the selected programs (this user will therefore no longer be able to run that program).





All these command are also available from any slot's context menu (right-click) and will therefore apply to the right-clicked slot.