Time Allocation

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PC TimeWatch allows you to allocate a maximum time of use for any program or group of programs on a period (day or week). For example if you allocate on hour of use per day to a program, the user will not be able to use this program for more than one hour per day. The unused time will be lost. Furthermore, to be able to use this program for one hour, the authorized time slots must allow it.


PC TimeWatch will always apply the most restrictive limit.


Time Allocation


To allocate time to a program or group of programs, please proceed as follows:


1.Click once on a program or group of programs in the left column of the main window to select it. The "Total time allowed for program ..." indicates the time currently allocated for the selected  program. By default, PC TimeWatch indicates: "Time allowed has not been set. Only defined time slots will apply."
2.Click on the Set button. The window bellow is displayed.


3.Select one of the proposed options by clicking on the radio button in front of the desired option.
4.Set the desired time for this option. The allocated time must be at least 15 minutes for each allocation otherwise a warning message will let you know that the time allocation is too  short.
5.Click on OK


The newly allocated time appears in the "Total time allowed for program ..." panel. You can repeat this procedure for other programs or groups. However, if you wish to apply the same limits to several programs, you should consider creating a group of programs..