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Add a group FolderPCTW_Add_16

This command is used to create a new group.See the section Adding Groups for a detailed description.


Add program to restrict addentry

This command allows you to create a new program entry in the scheduler. This is the same as clicking on the Add program to restrict  button or hitting Ctrl+A. See Adding restricted programs, Select program dialog, Running programs dialog and Windows list dialog for a detailed description of how to proceed.


Add a program to restrict - advanced

This function is equivalent to  Add a program to restrict but you will select directly the program rather than via a list. To use this function, you need to know the exact location on your hard disk of the program you wish to control.


Select program or group

This command selects the program to which the subsequent commands and the global allowance setting will apply. You can also select a program by clicking on its name in the scheduler or by using the Up and Down keys after clicking into the scheduler area.


Copy settings from copypgm

This command will apply the settings from the chosen source program to the currently selected program. If the source program is a group, this will bind the entry to that group.


Link to group

Used to select the group to which link the selected program


Rename rename

This command allows you to rename the currently selected entry.


Remove delentry

This command deletes the currently selected program entry (in the PC TimeWatch database, not the executable).


Reset Used Timereset
This command allows you to set the used time to 0 for the selected entry, as if the monitored user had not used the program during the current period (day or week).


Add / Change bonus bonus

This command opens the Add or change bonus dialog.


Unlink from group

This command will break the link between the selected entry and the group to which it is bound.


Share time allocation
This command enables time allocation sharing among all entries bound to the same group.


Most of these command are also available from any program entry's context menu (right-click) and will therefore apply to the right-clicked entry (which is not necessarily the currently selected entry).