Setting up the PC TimeWatch Manager

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In the main window, the Users panel contains two items: the name of the current PC TimeWatch Manager and a drop-down list listing the authorized users (see Adding authorized users) .




The PC TimeWatch Manager has been chosen when first running the Configuration Wizard.


If you want, you can however change the current Manager by accessing the menu Users | Manage Users. Just select a name in the drop-down list. The PC TimeWatch Manager is necessarily an authorized user.In most cases, the list of authorized users will only contain a single name.


Important notice:

Please note that you don't need to have administrator privileges to run the PC TimeWatch Management Utility. You need this only when changing the password and the Manager's name, and installing / re-installing / uninstalling the program and also when replacing the configuration file from the login window. This allows you to run the configuration program from any user session. This is also why the program shortcuts are installed for All users.