Setting PC TimeWatch options

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There are a few other options in the Tools I Options dialog :


Change your Password


If you wish to change your PC TimeWatch Password, click on the Change Password tab


Enter your current Password, the new Password, confirm the new password and is you would like enter a hint to help you remember your new Password.


Click on OK.


Warnings before shutdown


When PC TimeWatch has decided that a program or a Windows session should be terminated because the user has consumed all her time allowance, it will not terminate the program or the Windows session abruptly but send warnings before doing so. This will give the user an opportunity to save her current work and to terminate the program herself.


You can setup up to 3 warnings (at least one warning is mandatory). Just use the controls in the Warnings before shutdown panel to specify how many warnings you want and when they should be issued.




This option allows you to chose the colors in the main windows for the Windows and Internet entries, the groups and the programs.


Advanced Options.


The last tab, called Advanced options allows you to control the following parameters.


Enable system time monitoring


As explained in the Must read section, it is important that the system be accurate. You can of course, as a system administrator, take care of this yourself. But if you check this option, PC TimeWatch will activate some internal computations in order to check whether the system time has been tampered with. This mechanism also involves a connection to the Internet but only if an active connection has been detected. PC TimeWatch will never trigger a connection to the Internet itself in order to retrieve time and date.


We strongly recommend that you check the Enable system time monitoring option.


A problem can occur if the system time is wrong when the PC TimeWatch service starts, and the user wants to reset the time manually. This can happen on some laptops that do not reset the system clock upon restart from standby mode. When the user tries to reset the time, the PC TimeWatch Clock Monitor sets it back to what it was. If the system time needs to be reset, the PC TimeWatch can turn off the system time monitor in the Options dialog. As soon as the system time has been reset, the system time monitor should be turned back on.


Debug mode


If you have problems with PC TimeWatch and if you still have access to the Options dialog box, you can activate the Debug Mode by checking this option. Once enabled, this mode will create two log files in the root folder of your disk: pctw.log and pctwc.log. Run PC TimeWatch until the problem that you are encountering appears again. Then shut down the PC TimeWatch service and attach a copy of these files to the support request email that you will send to us (


Display an icone in the notification area


If you activate this option, a PC TimeWatch icon appears in the notification area.