Managing program entries

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Each program entry in the scheduler has a context menu (right-click) containing commands that you can also find in the Programs menu. These commands allow you to:


Remove or Rename an existing entry. you cannot remove or rename the Windows or the Internet entries.
Clear all time slots for this entry. Remember: this means that the program will never be allowed to run.
Show the usage statistics (see Displaying the Usage report).
Copy the current settings of this entry to another entry.



About restricting programs


Program monitoring works in the opposite way from user monitoring: all programs are allowed to run without restriction unless they are on the list of restricted programs.


The settings for the Windows entry override the settings for the other restricted programs, since Windows must be running for the other programs to work. Restricting Windows restricts the time that can be spent on the computer. Monitoring is suspended when the PC TimeWatch Management Utility has been launched by entering a valid password.


Program usage can be restricted in two ways: permitted time slots and overall time allowance. Restricted programs:


Cannot be run outside the permitted time slots.
Cannot be run for longer than the overall time allowance.


The time allowance can be specified as "per day" or "per week" (but not both). Multiple instances of the program count towards the same time allowance. Time slots can vary from 30 minutes to 7 days. You can have multiple time slots per day, and time slots can span days. By combining the two restriction modes in different ways, you can configure PC TimeWatch for almost any scenario.