Main window items

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Beside the main menu and the toolbar, there are 3 main areas in the PC TimeWatch main window.


User selection panel

This is where the PC TimeWatch Manager name is displayed and where you can select the user to whom the scheduling rules you are creating will apply. Always select the user name in the Settings for drop-down list before changing any setting.


Global allowance settings

In this panel you specify the global allowance for the program entry currently selected. The currently selected program entry is highlighted and you can move between entries by using the Up and Down keys. You can set the global allowance for a day or for a week. The value specified there determines for how long a program can be used by the current user during the selected period of time (day or week). For example, if you select week and specify 02:30 , the user will not be able to use the program more than 150 minutes each week.


On the same line as the day radio button, the drop down list on the right displays the current day by default, which means that the allowance will apply to that day. If you want, you can set a different allowance for each day of the week. If you don't set a specific allowance for a particular day, the allowance defined for "all days" applies. In order to reset the allowance defined for a given day, set the value for this day to 1 day and 00:00 minutes. The value set for "All days" will then apply to this day.


Scheduler area

This area contains one entry for each restricted program. It also contains non removable entries for Windows and Internet and one entry for each group you have created (see Managing program entries). The groups are always listed first, are shared among all users and their name is surrounded with asterisks.


The Configuring restricted programs and the Add time slot dialog sections describe how to create and modify time slots in this area.