Logging in

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When you start the PC TimeWatch Management Utility by double-clicking its icon on the desktop, or by using the menu entry created in Start | Programs, a small login window is displayed prompting you for a password (initially, this is the password that you provided when installing PC TimeWatch- you can change it afterwards).


If you have specified a password hint when installing, this hint is displayed in the login window.


If you provide a valid password and click Ok, this will bring up the PC TimeWatch Management Utility main window. Otherwise, you'll be prompted again. After a maximum of 5 attempts, the login window will close.


If PC TimeWatch cannot find a valid password in its own data, it will ask you to restore a configuration file (.ptw file) containing a valid password. This is a configuration file resulting from a Backup operation that you might have launched in a previous session. This is why it's so important to make backups of your settings and to remember the password that was valid when the backup was done. When you restore a configuration file, the new password is the password that was recorded in the configuration file.


If you can't login, you'll have to reset the password as described in the Recovery instructions that you'll have printed as recommended in the Help on PC TimeWatch section. Otherwise, you can proceed to the Setting up the PC TimeWatch Manager section.


Note: Once you have opened the PC TimeWatch Management Utility main window (after a successful login), the monitoring is suspended until you exit the program. So don't leave the utility running unattended when you're done with it. This would be like leaving the door of your safe wide open.


Important notice:

For security reasons, if the PC TimeWatch Management Utility is idle for 10 minutes, the current changes are saved and the application terminates itself. In that case, the settings that were active before the current PC TimeWatch session will be saved in a file named autobackup_n.ptw, n being 1, 2, 3,... (the higher the number, the more recent the backup file). You'll find this file in the PC TimeWatch data folder. The current changes will be saved as if you had clicked on the Save settings button.