Help on PC TimeWatch

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When using the PC TimeWatch, you can get help at any time and from any dialog box by hitting the F1 key or by using the Help menu.


A contextual help is also available for some elements of the main window. You can access this help by clicking simultaneously on Shift-F1 or right clicking on the item.


Important notice:


The Help menu has a special command named Recovery from tampering... (this menu option is disabled in the trial version). This command opens a document that you'll not find on your disk. For security reasons, this information can only be read from the PC TimeWatch Management Utility. It describes how the PC TimeWatch Manager can recover from an attempt at disabling the software or at corrupting, deleting or changing its data. It also gives instruction about how to reset the PC TimeWatch Manager password, how to manually uninstall the program and how to start and stop the PC TimeWatch service.


As the PC TimeWatch Manager, you certainly don't want the system users to see these instructions (although they can't do much if they are not system administrators). We very strongly recommend that you read this information now, that you print it from the visualization window and that you keep the printed copy in a safe place.