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Backup export

This command will create a backup of your current settings in a .ptw file (.ptw files are PC TimeWatch configuration files). You should always make a backup once you have created new entries or added or removed users. When you make a backup of your configuration, you should also always write down the password that was current at that time: reloading the backup will also make that password current.


Load from backup import

This will replace the current settings and password with the values stored in the backup .ptw file that you will select. Before reloading, be sure to know the password that was current when you made that backup.


Reload current retry

If you want to reset all the changes that you just made, you can always reload the current settings from the active .ptw file.


Save filesave

This will save your changes and overwrite the current settings.


Exit exptinfo

Terminate the PC TimeWatch Management Utility. This doesn't stop the PC TimeWatch service: it continues running, quietly applying the scheduling rules that you have just defined.