Configuring restricted programs and groups

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Of course, you can configure time slots and time allowance not only when creating a new entry in the scheduler. The global time allowance specified in the Total time allowed... panel can be changed at any time.


Note that time slots specify when a program is allowed to run.


You can also either edit an existing time slot or create a new one.


To modify an existing time slot


1.Select the target program by clicking on it or by using the Up and Down keys after clicking into the scheduler area.
2.Right-click the time slot in the scheduler and select the Edit... menu.
3.You are now able to edit the Start at and End at values.


There are other ways to modify a time slot:


You can modify a time slot by merely dragging one of the time slot ends.
You can move a time slot by clicking in it with the left mouse button, keeping the button depressed and moving the mouse.
You can delete a time slot by selecting it and hitting the Del key or by using the Remove command in the slot's context menu.
You can copy a time slot to another day or another program by using the Copy to command in the slot's context menu.
You can Repeat... (duplicate) a time slot by using one of the Repeat commands in the slot's context menu.


To add a new time slot to an existing program entry


1.Right-click the program name in the scheduler and select Add slot... or click on the Add new slot button in the toolbar or use the Time slots | Add slot menu.
2.This will open the same Add time slots dialog that we already used when creating the program entry.
3.You can then create a time slot for a single day, repeat a time slot all the week or until the end of the week, or set the time slot only for specific days.


Time slots cannot overlap. PC TimeWatch will detect this and display an error message.You can allo two different time slots during one day to allow the use of a program between 12pm and 2pm and then between 6pm and 8pm.


The Windows entry is handled like any other program entry. Just, the time slots defined there (and consequently the global time allowance for this entry) define when the user is allowed to run a Windows session.


The Internet entry works the same way. Outside of permitted time slots or if the global allowance for this entry has been consumed, no connection to the Internet will be possible. Please note that time is counted down against the global allowance whenever a connection is active, even if the user doesn't actually uses that connection. Please take this into account when defining the global allowance for the Internet connection.


To allocate time of use


1.Select the target program by clicking on it or by using the Up and Down arrows after clicking in the area.
2.Click on Set. The time allocation dialog for that program appears. Set the parameters as desired (period and length) and click on  puis cliquez sur OK.
3.The new parameters appear in the allocated time panel of the main window.


Note: The allocated time is cumulated on the period. For example if you select: "Allocation per week" and allocate 3 hours to a program, PC TimeWatch will cumulate the time spent using this program during allowed time slots throughout the week and will block usage of the program as soon as the accumulated amount reaches 3 hours as well as outside authorized time slots.  If the total time allocated is not used during the week, the left over time is lost and a new week starts. On the other hand, if the three hours allowed are used before the end of the period, for example between Sunday and Thursday, the possible time slots allowed on Friday and Saturday will not be usable by this user for this program as the user is not allowed to spend any more time on this program during the weekly period.