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This dialog makes it easy to setup a time slot by specifying a day (or start day), start and end time and how the time slot "repeats". Remember: time slots define when a program is allowed to run.


Note: For PC TimeWatch to completely forbid the use of a specific game or application for an entire day, make sure there is no time slot for this program for that day. If you wish PC TimeWatch to completely stop the use of a specific program, add it to the list of monitored program and make sure there is no allowed time slot for the whole week.


Conflits detection

If a new time slot you want to add overlaps and existing time slot, PC TimeWatch detects this conflict and displays the following window:




Note: The list of days containing a conflict is displayed. The days where you do not set new time slots are dimmed and not selected.


You do not want to change your old time slot:

1click the Cancel button and PC TimeWatch will not create any new time slot.


You want to modify your old time slots:

1Verify the list of conflicting days. You can select/unselect the days containing a conflict to indicate to PC TimeWatch for each day if you wish or not to create the new time slot.
2Click on the Replace button to create the new time slot for all selected days (with or without conflict).



Note: If you selected days containing conflicts, all conflicting time slots will be removed and replaced with the new time slot.





For the user Aurélie, the time slots for using Windows are currently defined as follows:


00:00 à 23:59


00:00 à 08:30


11:30 à 15:00


09:00 à 13:30


16:00 à 22:30


10:15 à 20:00


06:15 à 23:59


07:30 à 22:00


07:30 à 22:00


1.Select user Aurélie in the drop down menu Settings for.


2.Click on the Add a new slot... menu on the top task bar add or menu Programs | Add slot ...


3.Set your options ( day, time, ...) click OK


4.The following conflict window will appear



Sunday & Saturday were not selected in the previous dialog, they are dimmed and not selected.

The new time slot is available for Monday, the day is dimmed and selected.

A conflict has been identified for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


5.In the example we unselect Friday


6.Click on Replace


The new time slot to use Windows for the user Aurélie is now:


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