Modifying the list of authorized users

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It is essential to understand that only authorized users will be able to run a Windows session on the system where PC TimeWatch is running. So the first thing you have to do after installing and setting up the PC TimeWatch Manager (if needed) is to add users to the Authorized users list.


The first time you launch PC TimeWatch, the configuration Wizard helps you select the PC TimeWatch manager (the adult) as well as the authorized users (the children). Remember that non  authorized accounts can not open a Windows session.


To do so, just follow these steps:


1.Open the menu dialog (Users | Manage Users... ).
2.Select/unselect users by checking/unchecking boxes located in front of user names in the section "Authorized users on this computer". Select the users you want to authorize (you can select multiple users at once). Remember: only the users added to this list, the PC TimeWatch Manager and, in emergency mode, the users belonging to the Administrators group will be able to run a Windows session.
3.Click OK to validate the changes.
4.If necessary set-up the allocated time and time slots as well as add restricted programs for any new user.


A the end of your session do not forget to Save settings filesave or use the menu File | Save to save your changes.


The authorized users just added will also appear in the Settings for drop-down list in the Users panel in the main window.


Note: New users added to the system are not automatically added to the list of authorized users. You must add them explicitly as described above.


Note to advanced users: Non-authorized account can be (may be) logged on invisibly by the system or by an application. Many accounts on your machine are not interactive users but accounts used by the system to run certain tasks. PC TimeWatch will never restrict such accounts in any way. On the other hand, running an interactive Windows session under such an account can generate problems or even jeopardize your system's safety. PC TimeWatch automatically eliminates from the "authorized users" list a number of well-known system accounts. But it also lets you prevent an unknown system account from being used to do an interactive logon.