Adding restricted programs        

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When configuring PC TimeWatch for a particular user, the first thing you have to do is to select that user in the Settings for drop-down list in the Users panel of the main window. All the settings displayed by the main window apply to the user currently selected in that list. Please do this now.


By default, the scheduler area of the main window (this blue yellow area displaying program names and time slots) will only have two entries: Windows and Internet. For these entries, a 24-hour slot is initially set for each day of the week. This means that by default, any authorized user can run Windows and connect to the Internet every day at any time. The Windows and Internet entries will also have a default time allowance of 24 hours a day, which means that there's no restriction set.


Of course, you'll want to add new entries to the scheduler, corresponding to the programs that you want to restrict. Things will be easier to explain with a simple example. Let's assume you want to prevent user Aurélie from Windows Live Messenger more than 30 minutes every day and not before 18h00 or after 19h00 anyway.


1.Select user Aurélie in the Settings for drop-down list.


2.Click on the Add program to restrict button in the toolbar addentry or use the Programs | Add program to restrict.. menu or hit Ctrl-A. This will open the Add program dialog. You might have to wait a few seconds before this dialog is displayed as PC TimeWatch needs to create the list of all the programs you have installed on your computer.


3.Scroll through the list of programs and select the program you want to restrict (Windows Live Messenger in our example) or alternatively if you know the exact location of the .exe of the program you want to restrict, you can drag and drop the icone of that executable into the square at the bottom left of the dialog.


4.Click the Next... button.


5.The "Windows" name of the program appears in the field called Selected program title. If you would like to, you can check the option "Copy slots from..." and select the program from  which you want to copy the parameters in the dropdown list. Then click Next.


6.If you have not copied time slots from another program, the Add time slots dialog will be displayed, else you will reach directly step 7 bellow. Set the Start at and End at fields to 18h00 and 19h00 respectively and click on Next. For more details on time slots, please read the Time Slots page.


7.The time allocation dialog is now displayed. Set the paramaters as required (in our example 30 mins every day) and click on Finish.


8.A recap window of your new settings appears. Click on Close.


9.Save your settings.


You're done. There are more sophisticated ways of setting up time slots for a restricted program. We'll examine this in the next section: Configuring restricted programs.