Adding a bonus

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Sometimes, you'll want to give more time to a user than initially specified in the scheduling rules for that program and that user (Hey, dad! I'd like to finish that game! I just need 10 additional minutes. Please!).


Well, ok. Let's add a bonus to a program.


1.Just right-click the program name in the scheduler and select Add bonus... or use the Programs | Add bonus menu. This will open the Add bonus dialog.
2.There, you can extend the current allowance by as much minutes or hours as you want up to the remaining time until midnight.


Note: You can specify a negative bonus (-n). This will temporarily make the currently valid allocation or time slot shorter. Any positive bonus applied to a program suspends monitoring for this program and for the current user for the time specified. Any positive bonus applied to the Windows entry globally suspends any monitoring for all programs for the time specified.


The Add bonus dialog shows the current value of the bonus (remaining time). Any new value entered in the dialog will replace the current value. The time allocated through the standard allowance will be used before the bonus time is used.