Adding Groups

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To avoid repeating the same tasks for each program, you might want to create groups. If you want to assign the same time slots to several programs or if you notice that you are often reusing the same rules or similar rules, you should create one or several group.


For example, you might want to group several computer games to define global time slots and you do not want to repeat the same tasks for each program installed. Further more you might want to assign a time allocation for the whole group as you do not know which specific game your child will play.


1.Select the user in the drop down Users list


2.Click on the menu item Programs | Add a group. The Add a group dialog is displayed


3.Enter the name you wish for that group (Games for example) then click on Next....


4.The Initial Time Slots window is displayed. If you wish, check the "Copy slots from" box and select the program or group which settings you want to copy from the drop down list.


5.The Time Slots is displayed (unless you checked the copy time slots box)

       Define the desired time slots and click on Next . For more details on time slots please read the Time Slots section.


6.The time allocation window is displayed.

       Allocate the desired time and click on Finish. For more details on time allocation please read the Time Allocation section


7.The recap window appears showing the newly defined parameters for your group. Click on Close.


You have now created a new entry which does not correspond to any program.


You can add new time slots for this entry. When you will add a "real" restricted program (not  group) you will be able to use this group as a soucre (template) for the initial time slot by checking the "Copy slots from".


Further more, if you right-click a restricted program name, the option Copy settings from... allows you to select this newly created group as a source. You can consider a group as a template which can be reused instead of duplicating the same tasks many times.


Once a new entry has been added using a group as a model, or if you used the Copy slots from... (a groupe) to modify your settings, this entry will automatically be linked to that group. This means that any modification of the group settings will be applied to all the entries in that group. You will not be able to modify directly the settings for that entry.If you wish an entry to become  independent again, right-click on the entry and select Unlink from group. To link this entry again to a group, right-click on the entry and select Link to group ....


If you activate the commande Share time allocation (from the contextual menu of this entry), the specified time allocation specified for the group will be shared between all the programs of that group. For example, if you create a group called Games and link 4 programs to it while allocating 3 hours of use to the group, the user will not be able to spend more than 3 hours of play time cumulated between those four games.The user will split the 3 hours between the games as he wishes but the global limit will be 3 hours.


In the time slot panel, the groups are always displayed just after the Windows and Internet entries and their names are surranded with an asterisks (*) . Further more the time slots of the linked programs are grayed out.


The setting for groups can be configured just like programs following the instructions Configuring restricted programs